The Motherhood Center
Promotional video
The challenge
To communicate the impact of a much-needed healthcare service in a form that resonates with clients, donors and policy-makers.
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As a non-profit, the budget was lean...
We worked with The Motherhood Center to understand the messages they needed to communicate, and the resources they had to execute it. As a non-profit, The Mother Center didn't have a big promo budget to play with. But they did have the goodwill of lots of grateful mothers with adorable children!

On location at the Motherhood Center, NYC
We had one day and a roomful of kids
We settled on a one-day shoot at their facility and then worked frantically to film ten interviews and a variety of B-roll in just 10 hours!

The testimonials were so powerful...

Hearing directly from the mothers who had been treated there was very moving. So our job in the edit suite was to simply let their stories and their gratitude shine through.

Interviews were all shot on location with a portable studio setup
What the client said...
SIMPLY AMAZING!!! Have watched it several times as I'm trying to take in the transformative power created here. Stunning and powerful.
-Catherine Birndorf, MD, Co-Founder & Medical Director

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