Teach For All
Campaign launch video
The challenge
To create a short format video that could present the complex challenge of global access to education.
Watch the video (2 mins)

The issue is complex

Teach for All is an organization that works across the entire world. Their mission is to promote access to quality education regardless of a student's place of birth. So the first challenge was to write a script that captured the breadth of their work.

Teach For All: Global Learning Lab
The simple animation style worked right away...
The idea of a timeline on a chalkboard came up, so we tried a very simple hand drawn execution of the animation. While animated elements sometimes take months of revisions, the simplicity of the first draft worked perfectly for the client. We then integrated that look into the rest of the video.

The final edit came together quickly

Teach For All needed the piece to support a major annual conference that was coming up fast. The video was completed in less than 8 weeks. The original script held up so well that it had barely changed by the final version.

Closing image: Re-imagine education
What the client said...

Distilled the core of who and what we are into two minutes that I can't wait to share.
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