Choose-Your-Own-Adventure video learning
for emergency room physicians
The challenge
To create NIDA's first choose-your-own-adventure video experience for use in teaching emergency room physicians about the treatment of opioid use disorder
Branching Video Experience

ModernEpic was chosen for this project because of our pioneering work in High Fidelity Visual Storytelling... our uniquely rigorous approach to creating ultra realistic scripted scenarios. From the first draft, we worked with a team of practicing doctors and medical experts to ensure every detail would be convincing to even the most expert audience. Then we went about designing and staging a full hospital wing for use as the main set

On set during NIDA shoot
Preparing for a word-perfect delivery...
More than any project we've every undertaken - every line of the 60 minutes of scripted dialogue delivered by our actors had to be word-perfect. We went through an extensive casting and preparation process with Ken Stancil to familiarize him with the underlying medical concepts, and get him ready to play Doctor Alex Washington.


Meanwhile... as the scripted scenarios were being written, cast, and pre-produced we went about custom building the branching video engine that would allow the learners to make different choices about how Dr Washington would treat his patients, and to then see the effects of those choices played out.

The first branch map for Emergency Room Management of Opiod Use Disorder
What the client said
I just wanted to say how impressed I am with these branching videos. I think these are an excellent learning tool. Wow!

Dr Eric Ketcham, lead medical specialist for Emergency Room Treatment of Opiod Use Disorders project
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