#goodstoryadvice 5

Writing a great ending without having written the rest of the story is easy. Writing a great ending that is the natural and yet surprising culmination and synthesis of everything that has come before it - that's hard.⠀

The trick of a truly satisfying ending is that when it arrives it seems both surprising and inevitable.⠀

Here’s an example. If out of nowhere a character jumps on a hand-grenade at the end of your story and dies... it's a shock, but might not resolve the drama. If however, that character has been dreaming for his entire life about the moment of his death, knows it will somehow involve a hand grenade... and then when that critical moment arrives he recognizes it, and accepts his fate in order to protect a group of children from the explosion, and then dies secure in the knowledge that he had lived his entire life as an instrument of divine power.... that is a better ending.(Spoiler: see, A Prayer For Owen Meany)