Corporate video
The challenge
To tell the complex story of a two billion dollar fraud in the financial markets in a short corporate comms format.

A top secret script...

Glaucus Research group is one of the many financial services firms we've worked with over the years. And in this industry, information is carefully guarded until its release to the public. This was no exception. The script was written by the client and ModernEpic founder Aaron Lewis, and the crew worked on a strictly need-to-know basis.

On set for Glaucus: Fushon Report
An intimate take on a massive corporate fraud
We wanted this video to appeal as directly as possible to individual shareholders and anyone who might have been swindled by the Fushon fraud. Glaucus co-founder Matthew Weichert was chosen to record the feature interview. The interview questions were carefully prepared, but once we sat down the focus stayed on ensuring that the core issues were coming across simply, directly, and effectively.

Finished with a classic feel in post production...

To bring the interview to life, it was intercut with black and white archive footage and a grainy film look. The classic treatment added context without distracting from the content.

Archive used in Fushon Report
What the client said
You never cease to impress. The cut looks great. Thanks for this.
-Matt Weichart, Founder, Glaucus Research Group
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