Leeds: FGX
Educational video
The challenge
To turn the client's collection of user-generated content into a polished promo video to support enrollment.
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First find the story:

Leeds Business School had an archive of short video clips taken by faculty and students during courses around the world. We sorted through it to understand what story it could tell, and helped the client identify the messages they wanted to send.

Foreign Global Experience: Dubai
Adding professionally shot interviews was key
To put these jigsaw pieces together we needed to hear from the students and the faculty who had been involved. So we interviewed the Dean and students using questions designed to draw out the exciting moments and takeaways from their stories.

And in the edit...

A lot of the amateur footage was unstable and poorly exposed or framed. So we mined it for the best moments, set it to music, and worked hard on color grading to make it shine. All of those puzzle pieces finally came together to form a concise picture of the Leeds experience.

Interviewing Associate Dean Al Smith
What the client said
After watching just the first edit – I love it. It's a perfect fit for my presentations and to get new students excited about the FGX program
Al Smith, Associate Dean - Leeds School of Business at University of Colorado
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