Destigmatizing Mental Illness
The challenge
To create a series of vignettes that destigmatize "mental illness" among young adults, and educates and engages a wide audience.

From the start...

Many stakeholders were involved including NYC Health officials, NYC Mayor's Office, Columbia University's Center for Practice Innovation, a national eLearning company, and Subject Matter Experts. So it was important to communicate clearly with each of them and make sure the tone and approach had everyone's approval.

On location in Brooklyn
The project needed a contemporary look...
Working from an Instructional Designer's brief we scripted the host elements and pre-interviewed the young talent to understand their stories. We balanced the seriousness of the topic with a custom lighting design and visual treatment that was modern and appropriate.

The talent was amazing

Our interviewees were all amazing young people, which made it easy to work with them on-camera and sensitively tell their stories. And all the pre-production work really paid off in the edit suite... After viewing the rough cuts, the stakeholders didn't request a single change to the content.

On set with Thrive Ambassadors
What the client said...
ModernEpic are able to quickly gain the trust of our Subject Matter Experts, and build a working rapport which allows the projects to flourish. They understand the needs of us as education providers, and have been flexible enough to script and create interesting communications solutions for every situation we throw at them. Their videos are always very watchable and emotional (truth be told, they have moved me to tears more than once), while still delivering the core learning messages.
- Bernadette Cain, CPI Program Manager
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