Dell: Virtual Classroom
VR Learning & Development
The challenge
To created a hybrid learning solution that brings traditional video, immersive VR, and 3D tools together into a virtual classroom.
interactive + immersive
THE DELL VIRTUAL CLASSROOM was designed to recreate the learning opportunity of a popular live seminar offered by one of Dell's best instructors. The seminar is designed for anyone with an interest in the inner workings of a standard computer server.

The project combined a full traditional video shoot, and then enhanced that learning content with a 360 environment, and interactive 3D models that follow along in sync with the instructor, or can be used separately by the learner as a stand-alone tool.

The final experience was designed to stream via any HTML5 enabled browser — and can be enjoyed as either a full 360 experience, or in 2D on any desktop PC or Mac through the system's web browser.

The first step was to pre-produce and shoot the live presentation, including capturing Ultra HD footage of every piece of the server itself.

The space was pre-lit with a branded teal wash of light, and 4 cameras were used to capture the live elements.

That 2D base layer was then used to model the 3D elements and to time the entire experience.

Dell Virtual Classroom Shooting Plan
The first 360 render of the virtual server farm

The next step was to build an engaging and immersive environment to host the experience. We built out a full 360 server farm, with a branded dias at the center of the room. Each part of the computer server was individually 3D modelled and inserted into the scene so that the learner could take apart the server piece by piece, and see how all the essential parts go together in real life.

The removeable motherboard model, synced to the video tutorial behind


When all the parts were ready, we set to streamlining the user experience. In the end, all that was required to use the full range of interactive was a standard VR pointer, or a simple mouse... a combination of natural gestures and right or left clicks could be used to move through the entire experience, making the Virtual Classroom compatible with any standard web browser.
What the client said
My mind is blown. It's insanely cool with the headset on. I'm truly blown away by the work the ModernEpic team did.
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