A Great Video for a Great Cause
Organization’s Name
Organization’s website
Organization’s legal status
eg. 501(c)(3), 501(c)(7)...
Tell us about your Organization’s mission
Tell us about the strategic need that has inspired this application
Tell us about your vision for the video
We'll work with you to identify the optimal production plan… but we'd love to know what you're currently envisioning. What would we see? Who would we hear from? What's the duration and message?
Where would you like the filming day to take place?
Locations in the NYC area are preferred. ModernEpic's Brooklyn studio can also be a great option for talking heads.
What's your timeline? Do you know when you will be ready to start pre-production, or do you have a specific shoot day or launch date in mind?
ModernEpic will execute this project as soon as is practicable in 2023, while prioritizing our paying clients. Flexibility is appreciated.
Where do you intend to use the video?
Please include links to webpages or social media channels you intend to launch it on
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Applications close March 31, 2023.

Your information will not be shared with anyone outside ModernEpic.

Potential winners will be contacted for further information.

Chosen applicant will be required to allow ModernEpic to identify the resulting video as the winner of the Great Cause promotion in ModernEpic promotional materials.
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