About ModernEpic

ModernEpic's work in Film, TV, and Corporate content can be found here.  Or, for our specialty services please check out:
/Learn for eLearning and training
/360 for Virtual Reality productions
/Mend for health and mental health productions
and /Adorn - our new TV series now in development.

Global Production

ModernEpic is a full service international studio with experience working across the entire globe.  In the last decades we’ve worked in more than fifty countries and on all seven continents.  We’ve built an unrivaled network of producers, camera and sound operators, fixers, translators, broadcasters, and educators.



ModernEpic has created hundreds of hours of documentary television for the world's major broadcasters.  And we are currently hard at work on three feature documentary projects:

Very Messy And Very Beautiful (2017), Fight Knight (2016), and Prophetic Disobedience (2018)

virtual reality (vr)

2016 was the year that Virtual Reality (VR) became a major new medium all its own. ModernEpic was accepted into the exclusive Google/GoPro Limited Access Partnership for creating immersive VR content.  We shoot with the incredible Odyssey Camera Array and are able to rely on Google for all our post-production stitching services.  This partnership has allowed ModernEpic access to the best VR production technologies available today.


education & e-LEARNING

In 2014, ModernEpic began its first education project with the United Nations Department of PeaceKeeping Operations: creating training materials concerning encounters with child soldiers during deployment.

In 2016, ModernEpic began an ongoing partnership with the Center For Policy Initiatives at Columbia University to create online learning experiences for both educational and public health initiatives for the City Of New York.  

We have also created content for presentations and education conferences for diverse clients like Teach For All, Purpose.org, and The Glaucus Research Group.



ModernEpic has created work for a wide range of private, public, and NGO partners including Penguin Books, Kerrisdale Capital, TheRules.Org, and many more.