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Aaron David Lewis

Award-winning producer, videographer, and journalist
2001 to 2010

TV & Journalism

Lewis began his broadcast journalism career just weeks before 9/11 — and the global conflicts that ensued would shape his work to come. Over the next decade Lewis would produce and shoot short TV documentaries in more than 50 countries and on every continent.

Based in Sydney from 2005 to 2010, Lewis was nominated for Australia's top award for broadcast camerawork four out of five years running.

In 2010 he moved to New York City as a producer and correspondent for SBS Dateline.
2010 to 2015

Documentary Director & Cinematographer

From 2010 Lewis began focusing on longer documentary television projects for SBS, ABC, CBC, Al Jazeera, and others.

In 2014 he directed and shot the three part mini-series Twitch and Shout about the life of Zack Lamb — a fourteen year old boy with one of the most severe cases of Tourette's Syndrome in America.

The Lamb family used Lewis's footage to petition hundreds of specialists to carry out an experimental neurosurgery. The surgery saved his life.

Zack's story became the feature documentary The Boy Inside (2017) and has been seen in 87 countries.

The following year Lewis released his second documentary feature film Fight Knight (2018)
2015 til today

Founded 2015

While producing The Boy Inside Lewis co-founded ModernEpic along with his longtime documentary producing partner. Lewis and Thomas founded ModernEpic to bring their documentary approach to emerging video platforms.

ModernEpic has since become a leader in innovative video, interactive and immersive production.


Head of Content, Executive Editor

Lewis is currently the head of content at ModernEpic, where he oversees the studio's continuing expansion into new formats like branching video, and spatialized storytelling.

He also serves in an advisory role as Executive Editor for Prediction Media at The Future Institute a non profit think tank dedicated to creating better prediction tools for journalism and public leadership.

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