Here’s a taste of some of the extraordinary images we’ve been able to capture around the world in the last 10 years. Everything you see here was created using small crews of one or two people equipped with cutting edge camera technology. Our nimble methodology allows us to get where others can’t, and our talented partners around the world are always there to welcome us when we arrive.

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AN AWARD WINNING HERITAGE: We bring decades of global experience to every project. That means intellectual curiosity and rigor. It also means we know how get anywhere, anytime, and have the expertise to never miss a moment.

The Central African jungle? We’ve been there. The tunnels under Sao Paulo where you’ll find some of the world’s best art? Sure. Penguins? We love them – just be careful about that wave that’s about to hit our cinematographer there in the center of that photo.

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THE FUTURE OF FORMATS: The days are gone where everything had to be a thirty-second-television-spot or a two-hour-feature. The best format is the one that suits the story and the audience. Whether it’s short or comprehensive; exclusive or a series; drama or documentary – we’re doing it.

Thomas Yalda Shot

WHO DO WE WORK WITH? We’ve helped NGOs like promote global activism; crafted training materials for UN Peacekeepers; helped hedge funds capitalize on a good idea; contributed dozens of hours of documentary television to the world’s best broadcasters; even worked with publishers like Penguin Tarcher to get buzz going for new book releases. At the heart of every piece we do is a story: an epic big or small.


The Endurance

Frank Hurley: Shackleton's Endurance
Our logo is a rendering of Frank Hurley filming from the deck of Shackleton's Endurance in 1904 - painted for us by Russian concept artist Arthur Mirzoyan. Frank Hurley took the first motion picture cameras and pushed them to their limits, taking them on Shackleton's epic attempt to reach the South Pole. Hurley's work and spirit set the standard for what we do today. Have a look at our own voyage following their footsteps...

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